Saturday, April 11, 2009

ellie's signs

Signs have been gracing Ellie's door ever since she moved into her new room.
They rotate on an as needed basis.

Writing more signs requires privacy. I like how the pretty flower balances the dire warning.

I'm hoping she's studying spelling in there.

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Harriet M. Welsch said...

Those are fabulous! AJ used to cover his room with signs too. I miss them. I still have a stash of them around here somewhere. I'm guessing the "Keep Out" signs will come in handy again when he hits Jr. High.

Rebekah said...

these signs are darling! You must save these for the future :)

blackbird said...

Could you slide a note under her door that says: Bird says hi!

Chris said...

Those are great! Such cleverness.

Badger said...

My girl does this too! She puts up signs ALL OVER THE HOUSE. (And ... she still kind of spells/writes like that at age 11. She's really good at math, though, so we're hoping it all balances out.)